No Slip Hawaii

No Slip Hawaii utilizes new breakthrough technology to make your floors completely slip resistant, even when water exists, and does this without changing the appearance or texture of the floor!

NO-SLIP HAWAII USES a unique three-step process to increase the co-efficient of friction (C.O.F.) of a floor surface: First, we use specially formulated cleaner/degreaser, which on its own, brings up the C.O.F. We then expand the tile’s porosity to allow access of the slip resistive sealer, which is absorbed into and overlaps onto the treated surface. Now the floor and grout are sealed, preventing contaminants, grease, oil, dirt, and soapy residues from penetrating the floor surface, without changing the original look.

NO-SLIP HAWAII ensures our process is working by always testing before, during and after the process with an accurate test meter. We are able to raise a floor’s C.O.F. that meets or exceeds all recommended safety requirements for C.O.F. EVERY TIME.

NO-SLIP HAWAII is the only product of its kind, guaranteed for 4 years with a full written warranty with no maintenance program required upon job completion.