Slip and fall accidents are a real and increasingly big problem for most businesses today.  Multi-million dollar lawsuits are often awarded to slip and fall victims and can cripple or even bankrupt a business, even businesses that are insured.  The legal fees in defending yourself and your business from just one slip and fall lawsuit alone can threaten any company.  Every business owner must do his or her due diligence to ensure that both, the exterior and interior floors of the business are safe to walk on, even when they are wet.

No Slip Hawaii can help you do just that.  Best of all, we can do it without changing the texture or appearance of the floor in any way.  The 3 step installation process of our state of the art SRS (Slip Resistant Sealer) application will ensure that your floors meet the National Safety Council’s recommendation for minimum co-efficiency of friction: wet or dry.

Slip and fall accidents, specifically in bathtub and shower areas and restaurant kitchens have become a major concern and an insurance nightmare. Approximately 9 million slip and fall cases reach emergency rooms each year in the U.S. alone, according to the National Safety Council.  Our products will help prevent dangerous and costly accidents caused by slippery surfaces.

No Slip Hawaii has EXCLUSIVITY on it’s products in Hawaii. There might be “copy cats” but our applications are unique and guaranteed for 4 years.